Not Your Mom’s Double Standards

In elementary school, I remember being fascinated by the concept of creating civilizations. Although we throw around the term “civilized” quite often and to refer to a certain class level, the birth of… Continue reading

Sex-Role Stereotyping in Music Videos

Initially, for my project, I wanted to measure the degree of sexuality present in soul music across time and one component of the measurement was to examine music videos and see if the… Continue reading

Lyrical Privilege

It’s been a longstanding joke with (black) comedians that for a black man or woman, a drunken night out on the town with white friends could result in serious accident or injury because… Continue reading

Queering the Color Line

Queering the Color Line explores the intersection of race and sexuality in the early 20th century. A lot of research has and continues to focus on either topic, but few acknowledge what happens… Continue reading

Hip Hop and the Politics of Postmodernism

Spectacular Vernaculars looks at hip hop’s role across time in the African American experience and ultimately what the genre. I chose this book based on the praises of the author and his skill… Continue reading

Sexualization in Lyrics of Popular Music

This article was initially selected based on the time tested “judging a book by its cover” method, or better yet, its title. And while I was worried that I was about to read… Continue reading